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Jul 19, 2023

Best HDMI cable for PS5 in 2023

These are the best HDMI cables for PS5 right now 1. Quick list 2. Best overall 3. Best 90-degree 4. Best durable 5. Best flat 6. Best premium 7. Best long 8. FAQs The best HDMI cable for PS5 isn't

These are the best HDMI cables for PS5 right now

1. Quick list 2. Best overall 3. Best 90-degree4. Best durable5. Best flat6. Best premium 7. Best long 8. FAQs

The best HDMI cable for PS5 isn't necessarily a one size fits all, and even though Sony's flagship console comes with a cable out of the box, it isn't going to be perfect for everyone. At 1.5m (5ft) in length, and made of pretty standard materials, it might not be as heavy duty or as lengthy as you need your cable to be. Hence why we've made a list of our top picks so you'll find something that suits your budget or preferences.

We’re looking at more than just affordable and high-end alternatives with the best HDMI cable for PS5. After all, you could have one of the best gaming TVs close to the wall requiring a 90-degree angle connector or want to connect to one of the best gaming monitors in another room meaning a much longer, flatter cable is preferable. We’ve done the legwork to bring you a host of options at good rates and availability that keep the system’s 4K resolution in mind in both 60fps and 120fps.

The PS5 is one of the best gaming consoles that you can get, and you can take advantage of its visual prowess with one of the best monitors for PS5 through one of these HDMI cables. Whether you’re looking for a replacement or a viable alternative, the options below should cater to every niche you could hope to find. For more from Sony’s latest console, we’re also rounding up the best PS5 games and the best SSD for PS5, too.

Best overall

The best overall PS5 HDMI cable

With its aggressive price point, three total sizes, and wide international availability, the Amazon Basics HDMI 2.1 cable is the best overall option for PS5.

Best right-angle

Best 90-degree HDMI cable

If you've got a tight squeeze between your TV and console then this right-angled HDMI cable from UGreen is the best on the market.

Best durable

The best durable HDMI cable for PS5

With its reinforced braided nylon cable, the Snowkids 8K HDMI lead is perfect for those who want a heavy duty video solution.

Best flat

The best flat HDMI cable for PS5

If you're looking to run an HDMI under a door or along a wall for a cleaner setup then you won't find much better than the Ultra Clarity Cables Flat HDMI lead

Best premium

The best premium PS5 HDMI cable

The PowerA HDMI cable for PS5 is officially licensed by Sony and features a built-in cable management solution to tuck away behind the TV. You're also benefiting from 4K120 with no compromises to video or audio.

Best long

The best long HDMI cable for PS5

With its 25-foot (8m) length, the PowerBear 4K HDMI cable is perfect for those gaming setups where the console could be a decent distance away from the TV.

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The Amazon Basics HDMI cable takes our top slot as the best HDMI cable for PS5. It’s due to the fact that it’s not only widely available in the US, the UK, and Australia, but also that it is competitively priced and can be found in a total of three sizes. You’re able to choose between 3ft, 6ft, and 10ft with the 48Gbps capacity perfect for delivering on the PS5’s max output of 4K120 without compromise. It’s also gold-plated to ensure the connectors don’t easily get scratched or damaged.

The only thing you need need to watch out for is the weight of the cable itself which could sag if at great distances from your TV or gaming monitor to the PS5 console. However, considering that 6ft should be more than enough for most people, this isn’t necessarily going to be too big of an issue. For the humble asking prices on offer, we think it’s a great replacement for the lead which comes with the system out of the box.

If you have limited space between your gaming TV and wall, or a tight wall mount to the bracket then the UGreen HDMI Cable Right Angle cable could be the ideal solution for you. Sometimes a straight HDMI connector doesn’t quite have the right amount of clearance, and it can be frustrating when your display can’t be easily moved to accommodate. Not so with this one, as you can plug in at any angle without having to mess around.

Now, the main drawback of this PS5 HDMI cable is that you're limited to 4K60 instead of the full 4K120, however, for around $10.99 / £9.99 / AU$25, you can’t really argue with the added functionality on offer here. It’s available at 6ft long, which should be enough for most setups.

If you’re worried about longevity when considering your console’s video output then the Snowkids 8K HDMI cable can put your mind at ease. With its thick fiber-nylon braided design, this lead is seriously heavy-duty to avoid twists, kinks, and wear and tear which can occur when solely relying on plastic.

Should you be on the move with your PS5 often, the Snowkids 8K HDMI cable is rugged enough to be tossed into a bag without worry. It’s also sizeable at 10ft long which is ideal if your system usually sits a little further away from your TV or gaming monitor. The brand claims it can withstand being flexed 25,000 times, so there’s little chance of it falling to pieces any time soon.

Sometimes you need more space in your setup from the TV to the PS5 and that’s where the Ultra Clarity Cables Flat HDMI Cable comes in clutch. At 25ft long and built as low profile as possible, this video out lead is easily able to be run along the floor or against skirting boards and slender enough to go under doors without fuss.

The major drawback is that you’re limited to HDMI 2.0 tech here instead of HDMI 2.1, meaning that this cable is only capable of producing a maximum of 4K60 instead of 120Hz. It’s a trade-off of convenience versus fidelity, and considering the asking price of $20 (£15 / $AU29) we’re comfortable with recommending it.

If you want the peace of mind of getting an official PS5 licensed HDMI cable then the PowerA Ultra High Speed is the one for you. It’s from a trusted manufacturer and backed by Sony itself to the same high standards as the stock HDMI cable which comes with the console. This means the same 4K120 / 8K60 max output with HDR support with gold-plated connectors ensuring longevity. It’s about as close to a replacement to what comes stock as you can get.

The PowerA Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable for PS5 is 10ft (3m) long so should have more than enough give for a setup that’s within proximity of your gaming TV or monitor. If you’re after something longer then another option in our roundup may suffice, however, this is a much more comfortable length than what comes with the PS5 itself, which measures in at just 5ft (1.5m).

If you have a specific vision in mind for your gaming setup, whether that’s large TVs wall mounted in a particular way or on an arm, then a lengthy HDMI cable for PS5 could be what you’re looking for. The PowerBear 4K HDMI Cable is about as long as you could ever need at 25ft (7m), meaning it’s ideal if you’re setting things up at some distance from your system. What’s more, it is braided to protect against, bending as well as general wear and tear which it could be more prone to being run along the floor or taped to walls.

However, the HDMI signal does degrade with particularly longer cable lengths, and that’s why the PowerBear 4K HDMI Cable can produce 4K60 instead of the touted 4K120 / 8K60 that the PS5 is capable of. If this is a compromise you feel is worthwhile then we can recommend this lead at its respectable asking price of $23.99 / £25.99 (around AU$35). This will make it much easier to run leads into another room of your apartment or house for a reasonable rate.

The PS5 performs best with an HDMI 2.1 cable which is capable of transmitting up to 48 Gbps which means visual fidelity of up to 4K120 or 8K60. To get the best experience, the latest HDMI standard is recommended as you’ll notice the best picture quality coupled with the highest framerates. Some games on the platform run in 4K at 120fps, so you’ll be able to enjoy the full potential with these.

Some of the options in our roundup are HDMI 2.0 which is the previous generation allowing for 4K60. This is either done as a money-saving measure, as they are much cheaper, or due to cable length. It is absolutely compatible with the PS5. The vast majority of titles on the hardware run between 30 and 60fps in 4K, so if you aren’t fussed about 120fps, it’s a valid option still.

Not all HDMI leads are created equally, as some could be using far older technology inside which could severely limit what the console is able to do. Of course, it will depend on the maximum output on your gaming TV and monitor, as you need to have the right port for the lead.

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