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Aug 16, 2023

5 Best Rugged PS5 Faceplates with Vents

The Sony PlayStation 5 is all the rage at the moment and for good reason. In fact, the company’s flagship console is your window into the most serene worlds and stories. Add to that, games geared

The Sony PlayStation 5 is all the rage at the moment and for good reason. In fact, the company’s flagship console is your window into the most serene worlds and stories. Add to that, games geared toward the console offer superb graphics too. It’s only wise, then, to get the best rugged PS5 faceplates with a cooling vent for the PS5.

By opting for a ruggedized faceplate, you will increase the shelf life of your console and safeguard it from accidental drops. Moreover, faceplates with a vent can also better the airflow. As always, we’ve shortlisted some enticing options for your perusal. But first, you might want to check out –

Now, let’s take a look at the best rugged PS5 faceplates.


If you’re looking for a rugged PS5 faceplate on a budget, you will find innoAura’s offering to your liking. For starters, the face plate is available in a slew of attractive colors, including Cosmic Red, Black, Golden, and Silver.

Moreover, the unit comes with meaty air vents on both sides, ensuring your console stays frosty, even during extended gaming sessions. More notably, the faceplates are made of impact-resistant, hard ABS material. Per the brand, the material can keep scuffs at bay and prevent the faceplate from yellowing too.

Add to that; the faceplate doesn’t tower over the PS5’s I/O, so you should be able to access all the ports seamlessly. Needless to say, the innoAura faceplate has received superb reviews from several customers. In fact, the faceplate boasts an average rating of 4.8 stars, which is excellent! Do note that the company also sells faceplates for the digital version of the console.


Up next, is a stylish PS5 faceplate from folks over at Dobewingdelou. Now, the company’s faceplate draws parallels to innoAura’s offering in more ways than one. That said, unlike the aforementioned alternative, the Dobewingdelou PS5 faceplate can also be snagged with a matte finish.

Moreover, the faceplate is available in a handful of attractive colors, including Purple, Black, Pink, Cosmic Red, White, Blue, and a bespoke Camo Green avatar. Suffice it to say; you will be able to color-match your PS5 to your room’s decor by opting for the company’s faceplates easily.

We should add that unlike innoAura’s offering, the Dobewingdelou faceplate’s vent doesn’t stick out. Additionally, the faceplate offers a frosted finish that keeps fingerprint stains in check. More to the point, the faceplates have been constructed using ABS material which – per the brand – is durable and shockproof. And, the proof is in the pudding too. In fact, the faceplates have received glorious reviews, with some buyers citing that their PS5 runs quieter after installing the product.


If you don’t want your PS5’s faceplate to stick out like a sore thumb, you will find HONCAM’s cover to your liking. For starters, the faceplate has been constructed out of high-quality, frosted ABS material. As such, it doesn’t just safeguard your PS5 from impact and abrasions but also fends off smudges and fingerprint stains.

What’s more, unlike the alternatives prefaced above, the HONCAM PS5 faceplate is available in a dark matte black hue. As such, the faceplate blends superbly with the PS5’s glossy frame. More notably, the vents don’t protrude and sit flush with the faceplate too. Needless to say, buyers vying for a minimalistic design will find plenty to like here.

It’s important to note that the company makes faceplates for PS5’s disc and digital versions. And, although the faceplate isn’t as popular as other options on the list, it has received its share of good reviews. In fact, a lot of buyers are quite happy with the unit’s design, with the reviews citing that the HONCAM faceplate makes the PS5 look quite sleek.


The original PS5 faceplate protrudes outwards, increasing the console’s footprint. That clearly didn’t sit right with folks at Foamy Lizard, who have developed the StealthPlates for the PS5. As its moniker suggests, the faceplates conform to the PS5’s curves and offer a snug fit.

What’s more, the unit features a stunning pattern that canvases the entirety of the faceplate. In fact, the perforations for the vent holes coincide with the pattern, too, thereby ensuring symmetry and continuity across the faceplate’s design.

Much like other faceplates on the list, Foamy Lizard’s offering is available for digital and disc versions of the PS5. If anything, most users cite that the installation process takes some doing. On the upside, the majority of buyers are in awe of the faceplate’s design, with many stating that they improve the PS5’s airflow too.


If you want to splurge on faceplates for your PS5, you should check out dbrand’s Darkplates 2.0 for the console. The faceplates cost quite a bit, and you can spend up to $100 on a set. Credit where credit’s due, though, dbrand’s Darkplates offer oodles of customization.

To that end, you can choose from six different colors for the faceplates, including matte black, retro gray, classic white, fire orange, and more. Additionally, dbrand also lets you customize the plastic grate, which is sandwiched between the faceplates. To that end, you can choose from 27 different silhouettes, including peppy and vibrant skins like Warzone and Acid.

That’s not all; the company even lets you add light strips to your console. You can either mix and match light strips of different colors, choose a single hue, or get a kit without LED lighting. Lest we forget, the faceplates come with cutouts for vents too. As such, you can expect the faceplates to better your PS5’s thermals by some margin. All said and done, if you want your PS5 to stand out, you should give the dbrand’s Darkplates 2.0 a go.

If you want to revitalize your PS5’s design and somewhat improve its performance, then you should snag one of the aforementioned faceplates with vents. From where we stand, innoAura’s offering strikes the nail on the head in terms of price and performance. That said, buyers looking to transform their PS5’s aesthetics will find dbrand’s Darkplates 2.0 right up their alley. Do let us know which faceplate you opted for in the comments below.

Last updated on 07 July, 2023

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